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Pawsitively Purrfect, your One Stop Dog Shop, carries an enormous selection of pet products. In addition to a wide variety of high quality pet foods, we carry almost any pet product you can imagine. And if we don't have it, we can probably get it.

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Featured Products for May 2017

Midwest Cat Towers
Adaptil Calming Collar
Soggy Dog Car Seat Covers
Wander Pail by Kurgo

T.I.X. MixT.I.X. MIX

T.I.X. MIX’s ingredients include almond sweet oil, eucalyptus, geranium, lemon, lemon grass, lavender, myrrh, palmarosa, peppermint, and tea tree. T.I.X. MIX works by using the scent of plant oils, which is a natural repellent to biting insects.

  • Use on a monthly basis for year round deterrent of fleas, ticks, mosquitoes, and blackflies
  • Apply every 2 weeks just prior to and during insect season
  • You can also safely double or triple the dose on the bottle
  • T.I.X. MIX is applied at the base of the neck, middle of spine, and base of tail
  • Make sure the T.I.X. MIX is applied directly to the skin, rubbing it in with your hands if necessary
  • Do not bathe or let your dog swim for 24 hours after application to allow for absorption of T.I.X. MIX
  • Also safe for use by humans and it works great!

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Midwest Cat TowerMidwest Cat Towers

When researching cats’ behaviour, MidWest Homes for Pets discovered that cats simply can’t have too many play options. So we’re proud to offer our sturdy Feline Nuvo® Cat Furniture in a variety of models, distinctive right off the bat for their ultra-soft faux fur designer print fabrics.

We created our Feline Nuvo® Cat Furniture to provide not only for your cat’s play, but also to accommodate every aspect of his lifestyle. The plush, dark fabrics and rich faux fur make for great feline lounging, while sisal-wrapped supports provide a tough, resilient scratching post that’s sure to keep your cat satisfied. You’ll be satisfied too, when you see how easily our fabrics can be wiped clean of cat fur.

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Adaptil Calming CollarAdaptil Calming Collars

D.A.P. Dog Appeasing Pheromone mimics the pheromone that the mother dog produces to calm and reassure her puppies. Dogs recognize these pheromones throughout life. It is an effective natural way to help dogs cope with new and fearful situations.

D.A.P. Collar stays with your dog all the time to help control stress related behaviour.

  • Introduction of new puppy
  • Going on walks
  • Thunderstorm season
  • Fear of traveling
  • Puppy socialization
  • Boarding and grooming
  • Fireworks and gunshots

Fasten the collar around your dog's neck and adjust. The effects of one collar last up to 4 weeks.

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Soggy Dog Car Seat Covers

Soggy Dog Manufacturing creates innovative, easy to use pet products. Soggy Dog products are directed at making the dirty and soggy parts of your life clean and dry. Our seat covers are tested and approved by both dog owners and other consumers desiring easy seat and cargo area cover protection.

Soggy Dog seat covers were created by Christine Lamb and inspired by her black labrador Shayda, whose main mission in life (besides eating) was to thoroughly investigate every mud puddle she saw. Sadly, Shayda is gone now but Soggy Dog Mfg carries on with the simple, efficient products that Shayda gave rise to. Necessity was definitely the driver behind this idea.

Soggy Dog Seat Covers

Wander Pail by Kurgo

Designed to make traveling mealtimes easier for you and your pup, the nesting Wander Pail dog food travel container and bowl from Kurgo enables you to bring food wherever you go. With two convenient bowls packed into one, you can easily store necessary nourishment and never have to bring an extra dog bowl again. The pail itself acts as the carrying case, with an inset removable bowl. The screw-on lid and handle make for easy toting. Made of stainless steel with an ABS handle (BPF free), it's dishwasher safe.

  • Combination pet food container and travel bowl
  • Two convenient bowls packed into one
  • Large size holds total of 1300 ml (44 fluid ounces)
  • Screw-on lid and handle make for easy toting
  • Insulated for raw food diets; dishwasher safe; not microwaveable

Kurgo Wander PailKurgo Wander Pail