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Pawsitively Purrfect, your One Stop Dog Shop, carries an enormous selection of pet products. In addition to a wide variety of high quality pet foods, we carry almost any pet product you can imagine. And if we don't have it, we can probably get it.

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Featured Products for December 2017

Foufou Reversible Santa/Reindeer Suit
Fruitables Broth Bowls
Groundworks Natural Icemelter
Whimzees Christmas Treat Tins
Pudus Slipper Socks

Foufou Santa SuitFoufou Reversible Santa/Reindeer Suit

Let your pooch be the talk of the holiday parties with this adorable reversible suit. Choose to either be Santa, or a cute reindeer! Comes in a variety of sizes to fit all breeds.


Fruitables Broth BowlsFruitables Broth Bowls

Make every meal a five-star experience with the Fruitables Broth Bowls Dog Food Topper. This all-natural and delicious broth adds enticing flavour and hydration to any type of pet food, and it’s great for all ages. Younger pets will be encouraged to lick their food instead of gulping it, senior pets will have renewed interested in food, and every age in between will just plain enjoy the flavour. It’s ultra-low in calories and sodium, and the pet-safe recipe contains no garlic, onions, or anything else that’s toxic to pets. Use it with kibble, dehydrated, freeze dried, and raw foods!

Key Benefits

  • Homestyle beef-flavoured food topper makes a great addition to kibble, dehydrated, freeze dried, and raw foods.
  • Adds enticing flavour plus healthy hydration to meals, so it’s great for pets who don’t drink enough water.
  • Made with pet-safe ingredients and contains no onion, garlic, or anything else toxic to pets.
  • Ultra-low in calories, sodium, phosphorous and potassium; great for pets with chronic conditions.
  • All-natural recipe is made and sourced in the USA by the veterinarian-owned company.

Groundworks Natural IcemelterGroundworks Natural Icemelter

GroundWorks Natural Icemelter is a premium fertilizer based product designed specifically to melt ice and snow effectively, while being completely eco-friendly, pet safe and easy to use. GroundWorks Natural Icemelter works effectively to -23°C (-9°F), melting ice and snow even in the toughest winter conditions. GroundWorks Natural Icemelter begins to work immediately. Use 50 – 100 grams per square metre (1/4 – 1/2 cup per square yard) and is a fertilizer based product which will not harm vegetation or soil structure, when used as directed. It is harmless on groundwater systems. It does not chemically affect concrete or treated wood. It reduces to a colourless and odourless liquid with a more natural PH balance and is safe to handle.

Available in 2 sizes.

Whimzee Christmas Treat TinWhimzees Christmas Treat Tins

The Whimzees Christmas Treat Tin is a wonderful present for both you and your dog to unwrap this Christmas.

The tins are wrapped in an eye catching festive design, that when removed, leaves a high quality embossed Whimzees tin with a paw print chalkboard for writing on your own personalised messages.

The Chews are made out of all-natural compounded vegetable fibres that help to promote healthy teeth and gums. They are completely edible and have a unique vegetable based texture that helps to remove plaque and tartar from the surface of your dog’s teeth.


Pudus Slipper Socks

Wrap your feet or a friend's foot this Christmas in warmth and comfort in these light-weight slipper socks. Pudus slipper socks are made with the softest, fluffiest most comfortable lining guaranteed to wrap your precious feet in warmth and comfort - all day, all night. Feel connected. Pudus silicone grippers provide special anti-slip traction for your safety and comfort.

Pudus Socks

Only $11.95 + tax a pair while supplies last.