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Title Dos

A few important things about grooming .... (and the health and well-being of your pet)


  • brush your dog daily and comb to the skin
  • have your dog's nails trimmed at least once a month
  • clean your dog's ears with a proper ear cleaner regularly
  • keep your dog's eyes free of discharge at least daily
  • train your dog to enjoy grooming and being handled
  • socialize your dog so it's not afraid of people
  • keep your pet's vaccinations up-to-date
  • visit your veterinarian for yearly health exams
  • feed your pet a well balanced, healthy diet
  • exercise your pet on a daily basis


  • let your dog mat and then expect a groomer to brush it
  • let your dog's nails become overgrown and painful
  • let your dog's ears become so dirty they are red and emit a foul odour
  • let your dog's face become so dirty and stained you wouldn't want to be near it
  • let your pet become obese or overweight - you're killing it with kindness
  • let your dog's teeth rot so its breath is soooo bad and its health deteriorates
  • DON'T, DON'T buy puppies from pet stores, it only supports puppy mills

These are just a few of the things we deal with everyday.

A dog is a lifetime commitment......