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2-in-1 Trail Bowl from Canine Equipment
Aikiou Interactive Food Bowl
Aqua Buddy Automatic Waterer
Be One Breed Dog Dishes and Slow Feeders
Beco Bowl The Eco-Friendly Dog Bowl
Bella Bowls
Brake-Fast Bowls
DrinkBetter Bowl
Drinkwell Pet Fountains
Eyenimal Electronic Pet Feeder
Eyenimal Intelligent Pet Bowl
Fresh Flow Pet Fountain
Green Slow Feeder by Northmate
Gulpy Pet Water Dispenser - New Smaller 10oz. Size
Hing Cat and Dog Bowls
Hugs Auto Dish
Hydro Bowl
Icon Curve Elevated Feeder
K&H Thermal Bowl
Kurgo Collaps-a-Bowl
Le Bistro Portion Control Automatic Feeder
Lixit Mess Kit
Lixit Pet Pail
Lixit Waterboy Travel Water Bowl
Messy Mutts Dog Dishes
Midwest Snap'y Fit Bowls
ModaPet Bowls
Neater Feeder
Omega Paw Lunch Box
OurPet's Durapet Pet Bowls
Our Pet's Store-N-Feed Adjustable Feeder
Pet Food Storage Containers
Pet Lodge Water Tower
Pet Placemats
Petrageous Designs Raised Feeders
Platinum Pets Raised Diners & Bowls
Popware Collapsible Kennel Bowl
Popware Collapsible Travel Cup
Robusto Bowls
Skid Stop - Slow Feed Bowl
The Road Refresher
Vittles Vault Pet Food Container
Wander Pail by Kurgo WetNoz Tidbits Treat Jar

2-in-1 Trail BowlThe 2-in-1 Trail Bowl from Canine Equipment

The 2-in-1 Trail Bowl from Canine Equipment is a collapsible food and water travel bowl for canines on the go! The fold and clip storage system allows for secure storage of food while travelling and hiking. It holds up to 18 cups of food and 1 litre of water. Non toxic fabrics to keep pets safe while durable coated nylon stands up to rugged outdoor use. Collapsible for easy storage and handle for easy transport.

Aikiou Interactive Food Bowl

Dogs need mental stimulation. Domestic animals are generally bored because they have nothing interesting to do. To make upAikiou for their lack of a job, pets will resort to activities owners may not appreciate. If the animal has no outlet for its energy, he or she could even become depressed.

The Aikiou Interactive Food Bowl is a food bowl with several compartments in which you can hide different types of food. It is designed to meet part of your animal’s daily brain stimulation needs. The Aïkiou will keep your animal busy during mealtimes, turning the wheel and opening several sliding doors to be able to access the food hidden below.

Aqua Buddy Automatic Waterer

The stylish Aqua Buddy waterer is just the right size for the home. Connects to any garden hose and provides consistent fresh water for your pet while you are home or away. This reliable waterer is made from durable polypropylene. It holds 2 quarts of water, will not overflow and automatically refills when the water level changes.


Be One Breed Dog Dishes and Slow FeedersBe One Breed Slow Feeder

Be One Breed`s Slow Feeder requires your pet to work around the raised pattern to reach its food. Eating at a slowed pace helps prevent bloating, indigestions and increases nutriment absorption. Research shows that slow feeders have the ability to reduce canine anxiety and obesity.

Be One Breed Dog Dish

Be One Breed`s Dog Bowl is round applique melamine paired with a resistant stainless steel bowl. The shape of the bowl allows easy handling. Its simple and modern design will be visually appealing in any room of the home. Dishwasher safe.

Beco Bowl The Eco-Friendly Dog Bowl

Beco bowls are made from our unique plant fibre material. It is this material that makes our eco-friendly pet bowls that little bit special. Made from waste plant fibres they are completely sustainable and fully biodegradable when finished with.

Designed to be eco-friendly and functional, the Beco bowl is tough and durable. They are dishwasher friendly and should last for years in the home. They are available in a large, medium, and small size,depending on your pet's appetite!

Beco Bowl

Bella Bowls

Bella BowlFunctional and beautiful, Bella Bowls are truly the perfect pet dish. Loving Pets brings new life to veterinarian-recommended stainless steel dog bowls and pet feeding dishes by combining a stainless interior with an attractive poly-resin exterior. A removable rubber base prevents spills, eliminates noise, and makes Bella Bowls fully dishwasher safe. Bella Bowls are available in an expanding palette of decorative colours and designs. Bella Bowls Stainless Steel pet dishes come in five sizes, sure to be a perfect fit for your dog, cat or any other pet.

Brake-Fast Bowls

Brake-fast dog food bowls prevent your dog from eating their food too quickly. The simple obstructions make dogs slow down to eat and agressive eaters will find the bowl sliding away.

  • Slower eating makes an animal feel more full and reduces instances of 're-eating'
  • Veterinarian tested and recommended
  • Works with kibble or canned food
  • Helps reduce the risk of Gastric Dilatation-Volvulus (GDV or 'Bloat')
  • Elegant, no-tip shape
  • Durable, dishwasher safe plastic

DrinkBetter Bowl

The DrinkBetter pet bowl encourages dogs to drink at a slower, healthier rate, and make less mess while they’re at it. Besides making a wet mess, dogs that drink too fast can experience digestive problems such as indigestion and vomiting, and light-haired dogs may experience staining of the muzzle (from chlorinated water). The DrinkBetter bowl uses a floating obstacle to control the flow of water, encouraging dogs to drink slower and take only as much as they need, without soaking their ears and muzzles or slopping water around the feeding area.

Drinkwell Pet Fountains

Drinkwell FountainDrinkwell pet fountains were created by pet lover, veterinarian, and inventor Dr. Mary Burns. Pets who drink more water are healthier. Pets drink more when they have plenty of fresh water, and nothing is fresher than clean, moving water. The water spouts with the patented free-falling stream provide aeration and circulation to the water, which inhibits bacteria growth. Charcoal filters remove impurities, bad tastes, and odours from the water.

  • Charcoal filter keeps water fresh and clean
  • Free-falling stream adds oxygen to water and entices pets to drink more
  • Promotes healthy urinary and kidney function
  • Helps with temperature regulation, fat metabolism, and recovery from sickness

Electronic Pet FeederEyanimal Electronic Pet Feeder

Pets need to be fed several times a day at a steady rate. This is a daily problem that masters have to solve when they are busy or away in the day. The programmable and automatic pet feeder is an effective solution which will feed your cat or dog in a very precise way.

This programmable dispenser also allows you to control the obesity of some pets. For a balanced diet, you can easily program up to 3 meals for your pet. Pet Feeder can store up to 5kg (11lb) of dry food.

Suitable for cats and small dogs.


  • Easy and quick programming with LCD screen
  • Up to 3 meals per day
  • Adjustable quantity of food per meal depending on your pet’s needs
  • Easy maintenance

Eyanimal Intelligent Pet BowlIntelligent Pet Bowl

To control the food quantity you give to your pet is a major concern. Today, many of our pets suffer from obesity, which may have serious consequences and lead to reducing their lifetime (osteo-articular diseases, intolerance to effort, cardiopulmonary problems, and so on).

The Intelligent Pet Bowl is a revolutionary product which combines a pet bowl with an electronic scale. You can directly pour food in your pet’s bowl and adjust immediately the food quantity recommended for his diet. Approximative weighings with a measuring cup are over!


  • Easy and quick programming with LCD screen
  • Weight indication to within 1 gramm
  • Graduations in g, ml (liquids), lb:oz, fl oz
  • Easy maintenance

Fresh Flow Pet Fountain

The Petmate Deluxe Fresh Flow Purifying Pet Fountain is veterinarian and trainer recommended. This fresh flowing pet water drinking fountain adds oxygen, filters water, cools naturally, reduces bacteria, and encourages your pet to drink. Features silent pump, flow control lever, and replaceable charcoal filter.

Green Slow FeederGreen Slow Feeder by Northmate

The Green Slow Feeder by Northmate is specially designed in the shape of a tuft of grass. It turns your dog's meal into a challenging game. The desired amount of dog food is scattered across Green, and it is up to your dog to push the food out between the many blades of grass. Green prolongs eating time significantly and reduces the risk of gulping and bloat. The result is a happier and healthier dog. Green is designed for all dogs regardless of weight and breed. It can contain both dry and wet food. Green is made of hard plastic (without phthalates) and can therefore be used outside and cleaned in the dishwasher.

GulpyGulpy Pet Water Dispenser - New Small 10 Ounce Size

The Gulpy Pet Water Dispenser can be taken anywhere - hiking, camping, auto, walks, vacation, the beach, biking. This products features:

  • exclusive flip open-flip close design
  • automatically seals when nested
  • convenient built-in belt clip
  • generous 20oz. capacity or smaller 10oz. size
  • slip proof bottle grip
  • fits bicycle water bottle holders


Hing Cat and Dog Bowls

British designed and manufactured, this dual feeding station offers a unique solution for the design conscious cat or dog owner. Featuring non-slip rubber feet, a wipe clean body and dishwasher safe removable stainless steel bowls.

Hing Bowls

Hugs Auto DishHugs Auto Dish

Dogs and cats agree, the Auto Pet Dish is the only answer for keeping their food fresh, clean and insect-free! So that only your pet enjoys the smell of its food, the stainless steel food dish is encased in a durable plastic bowl. Plus, an adjustable lid, equipped with a sensor, allows the bowl to automatically open when your pet comes near (within 1 foot!), then close almost immediately (only 3-5 seconds) when they’re done! Use it indoors or out – bugs don’t stand a chance!

Hydro Bowl

Hydration for the active dog! Frequent water breaks are necessary for a dog’s vitality, so always keep a Hydro Bowl handy when traveling to ensure a healthy and hydrated dog.

The versatile Hydro Bowl is waterproof, durable, and snaps closed into a compact triangle for easy storage. Snap it around a leash, backpack, bicycle, or a variety of other places for easy transport. Take it along to the park, to your daily dog walk, hiking, or anywhere else.

Icon Curve Elevated Feeder

The Icon Curve solves the common problem of improper food digestion and overall health with smart features. Raised height reduces air intake and makes food easier to swallow. Notched bowls prevent spinning and food and water spilling. Rubber feet also helps keep your floor clean by keeping the feeder in place.

K&H Thermal Bowl K&H Thermal Bowl

A big 96 ounce and a whopping 1.5‐gallon Thermal Bowl makes water available for pets in even the most extreme cold temperatures. Thermostatically controlled Thermal Bowl is the answer to freezing water bowls. Just plug it in and your pet's water will remain open all winter. All electronics are safely sealed inside and the cord is steel wrapped to prevent abrasion. The 96 ounce comes in blue, and the 1.5‐gallon is available in gray granite colour. These bowls are only 25 watts for extremely low energy consumption.

Everyday low price $39.95 for plastic bowl & $69.95 for stainless steel.

Kurgo Collaps-a-bowl

The Kurgo Collaps-a-bowl is a clever dog travel bowl designed for dogs and owners on the go. This handy bowl offers a thirst quenching solution after a long hike, a lake side stroll or a gentle walk around the neighborhood. The pop-it design lets the bowl collapse down for compact storage in your glove box or day pack. The bowls gently angled sides allow easy access for Fido and the stay put ridged bottom offers a sturdy base to avoid spills.

Le Bistro Portion Control Automatic Feeder

The Petmate Le Bistro Electronic Portion-Control Automatic Pet Feeder is an affordable option when you want to feed your cat or dog on a "demand" schedule, whether you are home or away. Features:

  • Fully automatic pet food feeder
  • Programmable from 1-3 feedings per day
  • Control the portion per feeding from 1/4 cup up to 2 cups per feeding
  • Removable bowl for easy cleaning
  • Food reservoir holds up to 5 pounds of food

Lixit Pet PailLixit Mess Kit

Travel food container holds up to 6 cups of dry food. Two-part lid becomes food and water bowls. 1 1/2 cup capacity water canteen stores inside lid. Great to keep in the car or use on trips.

Lixit Pet PailLixit Pet Pail

Lunch Pail for food and water on the go. Pail snaps open and lays flat to two bowls. Lids snap on for food storage and carrying. Each bowl has 10 oz capacity.

Lixit Pet PailLixit Waterboy Travel Water Bowl

Large capacity 3 quart opaque water bottle lays flat for use in the car. No spill design.

Messy MuttsMessy Mutts Dog Dishes

Your 'one-stop feeder' for all of your messy mutt's needs. This double feeder not only accommodates food and water with its 2 stainless steel bowl inserts and contains spills with its wide lip and raised edge border, but it also grows with your dog! The 3 different heights make feeding easier, cleaner and healthier for your dog.


Messy Mutts

The non-slip silicone base prevents damage to your floors and holds 2 stainless steel bowls in place for your dog or cat. Contain any further messes with the wide lip and raised edge border.

We are Saskatchewan's ONLY retailer of Messy Mutt Dog Dishes!

Midwest Snap'y-Fit BowlsSnap'y Fit Bowl

There are many Stainless Steel bowls on the market, but none like the Snap'y Fit Bowls. The Snap'y Fit patented system holds the bowl firmly in place and yet, allows easy removal. Pet parents have been frustrated for years with conventional water bowls because pets can dislodge the bowls and spill the food and water. The Snap'y Fit patented system solves this problem. The bowls are available in 10 fl. ounce, 20 fl. ounce, 4 fl. cup & 8 fl. cup (1 and 2 qt.) sizes.

ModaPet Bowls

ModaPet BowlsModaPet bowls are stylish, colourful and incorporate a great balance of form and function.

Made from BPA free ABS plastic with a 'rubber-like' non slip TPA plastic base, Modapet bowls are dishwasher and microwave safe.

This bowl will stay exactly where you put it. No more cluttering noise from dog bowls skidding across the kitchen floor.

Better still they're near unbreakable!

Neater Feeder

Neater FeederKeep Clifford's eating area spill-and splash-free with the Neater Feeder pet feeding system. While the front wall is contoured towards your pup's food and water bowls, the upper reservoir - with a protective wall enclosure - catches dropped food and even boasts a filtering feature that drains water spills to an out-of-sight bottom reservoir.

  • Includes feeder, leg extensions, and two stainless steel bowls
  • Polypropylene construction
  • Non-skid feet
  • Dishwasher safe

Omega Paw Lunch Box

This elevated dog feeder stores food in the base and comes with a sturdy carrying handle that makes it perfect for day or weekend trips. The improved digestion that vets credit to raised feeders will make those long car rides more pleasent for you too! The Omega Paw Lunch Box comes in 3 different sizes for dogs of all breeds: Big Dog, Top Dog and Little Buddy.

OurPet's Durapet Pet Bowls

OurPets Durapet Bowls are heavy duty stainless steel bowls that are a durable and safe bowl to use when feeding your pet. Compared to plastic bowls on the market today which can contain bacteria and can leach toxic chemicals and colourants when they come in touch with food, Durapet Bowls are safe and hygienic. In addition, each bowl has a permanently molded rubber ring in the base that prevents the bowl from sliding and your pet can enjoy their food calmly and safely. The Durapet Bowls are a smart reliable and safe bowl that you can trust.

Store-N-FeedOur Pet's Store-N-Feed Adjustable Feeder

The Store-N-Feed is an elevated feeder that adjusts from 8" to 12" by rotating 180 degrees. It also has a unique self-watering feature and it stores toys, treats or up to 20 lbs. of dog food. Promotes healthy feeding by minimizing digestion and bloat problems. The patented spill ridge keeps food and water off your floor. Made of heavy duty plastic, it is portable for easy traveling and includes lift out stainless steel bowls.

Pet Food Storage Containers

Van Ness Plastics is pleased to announce the introduction of its new line of plastic Pet Food Containers. Four sizes - 5lb, 10lb, 25lb and 50lb - are available in the line, to meet every size dog and cat's food storage needs. All four of the sizes feature a Fresh Tite Seal, with locking front latch on the lid to keep air out, food fresh, and free from pests. Both the containers and lids are manufactured with U.S. Food and Drug Administration food contact approved plastic and colourant that is safe for your pet. All containers feature a clear smoke finish that provide for visible food levels.

Pet Lodge Water TowerPet Lodge Deluxe Water Tower

Make sure your pets have a supply of fresh drinking water with the Pet Lodge Water Tower. Automatically dispenses a continuous supply of water into a sturdy plastic base. Easy to remove bottle makes refilling simple. Features a solid one-piece base design. For indoor and outdoor use. Comes in different sizes for different breeds.




PlacematPet Placemats

These placements for your pet feature:

  • Non-skid surfaces
  • Non-skid backing
  • Easy to clean
  • Colourful illustration
  • Tear resistance
  • Waterproof
  • Indoor / Outdoor
  • Images won't peel or discolour
  • Keeps floors clean and dry
  • Made with 100% polyester fabric

Petrageous FeederPetrageous Designs Raised Feeders

Petrageous Designs' pet dining sets and dog feeders are designed to look great and work great! Some of these feeders are designed to keep the feeding area neat, while others raise the food off the ground to make it easier for your pet to eat. Great for older dogs with hip/joint problems!

Platinum Pets Raised Diners & Bowls

Platinum Raised DinersRaised feeding promotes healthy digestion by limiting the amount of air that dogs intake while feeding, thus reducing bloat and gassiness. Elevated serving platforms allow your pet to eat at a more comfortable level to reduce strain on the back and especially reduces pain for older dogs with hip problems.

The Platinum Pets Modern Double wrought iron diners are made from hand forged iron and finished in a durable copper vein powder coat finish. This beautiful diner stand comes with two dishwasher safe stainless steel bowls. They will compliment any home décor.

Popware Collapsible Kennel BowlPopware Collapsible Kennel Bowl

These collapsible/expandable food and water Kennel Bowls are really convenient. Attach the bracket that holds the bowl to a wire crate door or to a kennel wall. Insert the collapsible/expandable bowl and twist it a quarter turn to lock the bowl in place; this prevents the dog from knocking the bowl out of the holder and spilling anything. Pop out the bowl to expand it when you're ready to give your dog food or water. When you're done, collapse the bowl and then press the release button that allows you to flip up the bowl holder so your dog has all his crate or kennel space back. Collapse the Popware Kennel Bowl and put it in the dishwasher for a thorough cleaning. The bowl is 6" in diameter and 4" tall, and it holds 1 cup/8 oz. It collapses to less than 0.5" high.

Popware Travel CupPopware Collapsible Travel Cup

These collapsible/expandable food and water cups are perfect for the active pet! Simply latch one onto a belt loop, backpack, or leash when you're on the go, and pop it out when your pet gets thirsty! Collapses to less than 0.5 inches thick. When you get home, just slip the travel cup in the dishwasher while collapsed for a thorough cleaning.


RemarkabowlsRemarkabowls’ awesome bowls look like a real sports ball! Pet-Pro bowls by Remarkabowl are the perfect way to enjoy the big game with your favorite dog or cat. Their unique patent-pending textured bowls have the look and feel of a real sports ball. Durable and strong like a linebacker, these Pro bowls are no bench warmer with their non-tip, non-spill design, easy to handle thumb hole and rubber non-skid bottom that sticks to it like, well, a defensive linebacker! Remarkabowls’ come in basketball, football, and soccer- themed bowls. All of the awesome sports themed bowls come in different sports and sizes to meet the need of your dogs and cats.

Rubusto BowlRubusto Bowl

Built for extreme durability, Rubusto Bowls feature solid, heavy gauge aluminum construction paired with simple designs on brightly colored ceramic-like interiors. Robusto Bowls are so tough, they survived our durability test: we ran one over with a 6000 lb. truck without a dent or crack! Available in XS (paws design for cats or small dogs), Small, Medium, and Large (bones design for dogs).

Skid Stop - Slow Feed Bowl

The Skid Stop - Slow Feed Bowl is a heavy duty plastic bowl designed to slow rapid eating, promote regular digestion, and prevent bloat and discomfort for your pet. The Skid Stop bowls were designed with a rubbery base to prevent the bowl from sliding or moving around on the floor while the pet is eating. The rubber bottom creates a firm grip on slippery surfaces to prevent the bowl from moving or tipping, this also helps to prevent spills. Skid Stop bowls are dishwasher safe and are rust and bacteria resistant.


The Road Refresher

The Road Refresher is an ingenious non-spill pet bowl that eliminates spills and reduces your pet's slobber by up to 90%. Ideal for the home and all forms of travel.

For The Home - Road Refresher stops spills from accidental kicks, this non spill pet travel bowl also keeps long ears and beards out of the water. The Road Refresher non spill pet travel bowl encourages tidy drinking as it limits the amount of water your dog can pick up at any one time. The Road Refresher reduces your pet's slobber by 90%.

On The Move - Road Refresher non spill pet travel bowl can be filled with water and then safely left within a car so your pet has access to fresh water whenever he wants, yet none will spill. With The Road Refresher pet travel bowl your dog can arrive healthy and refreshed wherever you go.

Vittles VaultVittles Vault Pet Food Container

Vittles Vault Pet Food Containers are the first absolutely airtight stackable storage containers for dry cat foods, pet foods and seeds. No more bulky, awkward bags exposing food to air, excessive moisture and pests (ants!). Shaped to fit easily in kennel, home or barn. Offset lid allows for easy access to food without having to restack containers. Convenient molded handles.

Wander Pail by Kurgo

Designed to make traveling mealtimes easier for you and your pup, the nesting Wander Pail dog food travel container and bowl from Kurgo enables you to bring food wherever you go. With two convenient bowls packed into one, you can easily store necessary nourishment and never have to bring an extra dog bowl again. The pail itself acts as the carrying case, with an inset removable bowl. The screw-on lid and handle make for easy toting. Made of stainless steel with an ABS handle (BPF free), it's dishwasher safe.

  • Combination pet food container and travel bowl
  • Two convenient bowls packed into one
  • Large size holds total of 1300 ml (44 fluid ounces)
  • Screw-on lid and handle make for easy toting
  • Insulated for raw food diets; dishwasher safe; not microwaveable

Kurgo Wander PailKurgo Wander Pail

WetNoz Tidbits Treat JarWetNoz Tidbits Treat Jar

High gloss melamine topped by WETNOZ knob. Tight silicone lid seal keeps contents fresh. It is dishwasher safe. No-skid bottom. Capacity is 2.5 QUARTS. Come in a variety of fun colours.